Thursday, 21 June 2012

Guess Who's Back...

Wow, I haven't posted on here in foreverrr but things are about to change! I finish college (UK college) in 2 weeks and have 8-9 weeks off so I will be back to my money making ways! I'll update you soon.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

I'm Back!

Sorry guys, I haven't posted in a while but I am hoping to be back soon, my eBay selling as took a slump but hopefully things will pick up.

I only saved £0.50 last week so that will be added to the fund.

Fund Total: £119.16

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Finance for Youth

Here in the UK we have a lot of youth unemployment and personal debt, These 2 problems mostly run along side each other. Teenagers when they leave school dont know the true meaning of money, they dont know the minimum wage, the way banks run and other basic things.

The key to solving this problem is too teach personal finance at schools, we learn things that enable us to make money in the future but we dont teach what money is, does and how the industry works (e.g. stock market, currencies etc)
The result is that when kids leave school at 16 and go into work/college/sixth form they all have different experiences/situations in their relationships with money. If a youth goes into full time work there are two options for them:
  1. Blow the money on the latest phone, game console and clothes
  2. Save money responsibly, and look into options of investment etc
Now how many kids do you know that take the second option, not many. Now if we were to encourage teenagers and children to learn about money and for schools to provide it as an  option or compulsary lesson, then maybe kids will see the problems, they'll see the different types of debt e.g. university fee's and credit card debt.

I just hope people feel the same way, as I have gone through the same education system as them and in some key areas it is failing.

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Weekly Update 7th - 14th May 2012








Total Fund: £119.16

Not the highest earning week there but still some money, the £2.00 on sunday was profit from the Zippo Pouch which sold on eBay for £7.00 when I picked it up for £1. I spend £5.00 altogether on sunday.

I do have a lot of inventory to sell and hopefully this will bump up my eBay sales.

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Car Boot Items

Bought 3 items from a car boot today (garage sale) just to get some inventory together, this is what I got:

  • Echt Leder Zippo Leather Pouch - £1
  •  Wii Steering Wheels - bought 2 for £4

I assure you that I dont have a fetish for gaming steering wheels :)

I will be uploading them to eBay soon and wil keep you updated, dont forget to follow me :)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

DTAMP Interview

Hello, today I bring you an interview from DTAMP (Doulbe To A Million Plan) you can check his fantastic blog here: DTAMP

1.Why Did You Start Your Blog?

The main purpose of the Blog was to keep track of the progress of the Double to a Million Plan. In addition it was a way to communicate that progress to other Doublers.  We could see how each person was doing and it helped to inspire one another to keep going.  As time progressed I found the Blog was a great outlet for being creative, with writing, graphic artworks and other artistic expressions. The Blog also began bringing in
additional funds to help the project grow through advertising and various financial sources which I had hoped for when starting it.

2.Did You See Yourself Getting To Where You are Now?

I had hoped I would be much further along than I presently am but when I first started it was difficult to visualize myself getting this far. The "How To Double Your Way To A Million in 28 Steps" report suggests looking at getting to Million in bite-sized steps.  As you progress through the 28 steps, at first you find it difficult to focus just on the step you are on, especially when that step only requires finding or gaining a few cents.  Your mind wanders to many steps ahead. Staying focused on the moment and on the step you are on requires retraining your mind.  Each time you look ahead you need pull yourself back to what you are working on. Discipline is the key to staying in the present step and accomplishing the present goal. After a while it comes naturally to stay focused and to not even think about the future steps.

3.Did You Know That The Stock Market Would Be Such A Big Source of Income?

Before the Double To A Million Plan I had traded equities so I knew there was a potential there to use it as a tool to reach the million dollars. But I have found that trading stocks has cost DTAMP almost as much as it has made.  It has great potential for good gains but also there are huge risks and usually those risks will get you sooner or later resulting in significant loses.  Trading equities is a hard and volatile way to work the Double To A Million Plan.  The stress is greater and the mistakes are easier to make. 

4.I Was Amazed At How Many People Donate To Your Fund, Why Do You Think So Many Do?

It is amazing how much help I have received from some very generous friends towards DTAMP. There are some generous people out there that, I think, genuinely want me to succeed and as a result help as they are able. I think people want to encourage someone that struggles their way up from the bottom, with a plan, and climbs toward a goal despite the setbacks that come.  Through the Blog others are able to see my victories and defeats and I think they can identify with the struggle of one person to reach the final set goal.  Of course no one can make it alone and the helping hand of
others not only helps toward that success but makes each person that helped part of that success and therefore a success themselves.

5.Do You Have Any Tips For Any Potential Start up Bloggers?

I do not know much about professional blogging but for the average person I would suggest you start a blog about something you have a strong interest about, something that you are inspired about.  To be able to keep the blog going you will need to really love the topic or interest of your blog. Use the blog to express your creativity in various ways, for me this helps me to keep producing the next post. More than likely you will need to be a person who enjoys writing, but even if you enjoy it, set up your blog to be able to enter posts easily and to manage the blog quickly as well. If you have to put a lot of work into it constantly to maintain things that can drain time and energy and cause you to avoid updating the blog.

6.Anything Else You Would Like To Add?

Thank you for the interview and I wish you success on your Blog.  

Hope you enjoyed it guys, visit his blog here DTAMP and dont forget to follow :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Count Up

I counted my change and added it to my PayPal earnings with a grand total of  *drum roll* ........